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Anyone want to request some gifs?

Anonymous said:
On a scale of 1 - 10 how dum are you?

Zero because I’m not dumb enough to answer all the same questions you flooded me with, honey.

Let’s not forget the fact that maybe the Lea Michele/Big Sean rumor is true. Just saying.

They say hope destroys a lot of people. Maybe it’s true, or not. But no matter what we decide it was, we will have the destined output we needed for now.

After all the happiness, or heartaches brought upon by enforcing hope for the things we wanted, we’ll get something good you didn’t even imagine.

The outcomes might not be the ones we truly wanted, but at least we made something out of it.

We’ll have lessons, experiences, challenges, risks, or a perfect piece of our desires in the palm of our hands that’ll be a grave part of our being and saneness. What you thought was bad will turn out to be something good.

Hope is not a bad thing. I’ll still hold on for hope on anything. Because no matter what we achieved through it, will always be one remembering for.

Break-ups always hurt. It really does. No matter who you are, or what you do, or what you experienced, there’s that only feeling of melancholic heartache.

And the one of the worst possible reasons for break-ups is cheating.

I’ve read so many comments, opinions, or thoughts about Naya Rivera and Big Sean’s apparent break-up and I just want to express what I feel with the situation.

First off, Sean’s rep denied all sorts of details of infidelity. We don’t know if we should believe it or don’t. No matter who you are, cheating isn’t right, and will hurt BIG TIME. All people doesn’t deserve it. A celebrity, or some junkie, no one deserves it. And whoever does it is a malignant asshole who have no sense of control over his/her itch. So if Sean really did cheated on Naya, then he doesn’t deserve any sort of sympathy over us. And all my love goes to Naya and I dearly hope she stays strong.

There’s also other rumors going round through different grapevines about the Rolex watch. What happened with it? We’ll never know. Both sides have something to say.

Also, a little message to fans and/or shippers, can we please have a little RESPECT for the situation? “Yes they broke up! *insert fandom name here* is ON!” Really? Are you really that dense that Naya’s hurting and you’re celebrating a ship moment not caring about her? That’s insanely rude and insensitive. Have a little respect, please. I’m sure the dictionary has the meaning of the word, or if you’re lazy, google it for goodness sakes. So can we just send love to Naya and let her know her fans are with her? She was ENGAGED. That should say something. And no break-up is ever worth rejoicing(unless some cases though but not this).

That is all. Naya, stay strong. And Sean, God bless you.

Anonymous said:
do you remember what episode that last set of gifs you posted is from?

It’s Rumours. Season 2, episode 9. 

Can anyone recommend me some sad, angsty Faberry fics? The ones with sad endings?

I love your blog xxx

Aw thanks, dear. :)